December 14, 2006      
News from the Research Office

Dr. Valerio Faraoni, Department of Physics, has recently published a book entitled Exercises in Environmental Physics at Springer Press. This texbook covers the essential topics in university courses in environmental physics. It is the first book specifically devoted to exercises in the application of physics to the environment including human impact on it. It is a valuable tool for students to develop skills in the manipulation of physical concepts and methods while learning environmental science. The exercises are drawn from Dr. Faraoniís teaching experience and the need for stimulating practice problems in various environmental physics courses.

Mr. Jose' Cleriston Campos de Souza (pictured above with Dr. Faraoni), a graduate student from the Department of Mathematical Physics at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, is visiting Valerio Faraoni for one year. His research project, funded by the Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Sientfico e Tecnolgico (CNPq) of Brazil is entitled "Dark energy models: a dynamical approach'". This work aims to explain the present structure and accelerated expansion of the Universe as has been observed in the last few years. Accelerated expansion is driven by a "dark energy" component of the Universe, and Mr. De Souza's goal is to investigate realistic models describing this component with the method of dynamical analysis. Prof. Alberto Saa, Jose's supervisor from the University of Campinas, also visited Bishop's University this past October.

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