January 23, 2007      
"Excellence" News for Bishop's Athletics

In November Principal Robert Poupart proudly announced that Bishop’s University will be joining the City of Sherbrooke as well as the Université de Sherbrooke as partners in Excellence Sportive Sherbrooke (ESS). This announcement should help to solidify Sherbrooke as one of the three pillars with Montreal and the city of Quebec in the development of high performance sports in Quebec.

“We look forward to working with our partners to attract and retain elite athletes to the area, bring major athletic events to Sherbrooke, and promote physical fitness to the community at large,“ said a pleased Poupart.

“Bishop’s University strongly believes in the objectives of Excellence Sportive Sherbrooke and is proud to become a partner in this initiative, “stated Poupart. “Bishop’s has been promoting athletic excellence in the Sherbrooke area since 1851 when rowing, swimming and skating took place at the foot of our campus on the Massawippi and St. Francis Rivers.“ Bishop’s University has made a three year commitment to Excellence Sportive Sherbrooke and will be represented by Mr. Bruce Stevenson on the board of ESS.

Both the City and Université de Sherbrooke renew their commitment until 2010
The Mayor of Sherbrooke, Mr. Jean Perrault and the Vice-Rector (university life) from Université de Sherbrooke Mr. Jean Desclos also announced that both have renewed their organization’s partnership in Excellence Sportive Sherbrooke through to 2010.

Mayor Perrault stressed the important role ESS plays in promoting an active lifestyle to Sherbrooke residents with programs such as Mardis actifs and Marchez Sherbrooke. The programs encourage a healthy lifestyle and compliment the efforts of the City and Université de Sherbrooke to offer facilities and programs that promote physical activity.

Mr. Jean Desclos sees the ESS as a shining example of a productive partnership for the Sherbrooke area. “Excellence Sportive Sherbrooke is the perfect link between sport and researchers from different academic areas. The ability to attract and retain high level athletes to our universities is also an excellent advantage ESS can offer, “states Desclos.

About Excellence Sportive Sherbrooke
Created in June 2004 through a partnership between the City of Sherbrooke and Université de Sherbrooke, Excellence Sportive Sherbrooke is one of the legacies of the World Junior Athletics Championships of 2003. The mandate of ESS is to develop high level sports, plan major sporting events, and promote physical activity.
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