January 23, 2007      
Elliptical Gift

Gifts from graduates and friends fund many aspects of the Bishop’s experience, including the recent purchase of an elliptical trainer for the upstairs weight room in the Sports Centre.

“When I heard there were no elliptical trainers at the Sports Centre I knew I had to act,” said Tracy Dort-Kyne ’93. “The Plex was an important part of my years at Bishop’s, and I remain involved in the fitness industry today as a group fitness instructor. Elliptical machines are standard in every good gym, so Bishop’s needs them as well – students deserve access to the best possible equipment.”

Discussions took place with Al Ansell, Co-ordinator of Facilities, who agreed that the machine would be a good addition and he could make room for one. After some consideration Al decided that if Tracy purchased one, he would find money in the Sports Centre budget for another. Buying two allowed the University to get them at a reduced price.

These two new state-of-the-art elliptical machines are in constant use from 6:00 am to midnight. The Athletics Department and the entire student body are grateful for Tracy’s generosity and continued commitment to Bishop’s.
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