March 6, 2007      
From the Research Office

In collaboration with the Comité du patrimoine paysager estrien (Paysages Estriens), Dr. Darren Bardati was involved in a research project on the public perceptions of Sherbrooke’s principal commercial artery, King Street / Boulevard Bourque. Thanks to a research grant he was awarded by the ETRC, a master’s student in Environmental Studies at Université de Sherbrooke, Jean-Pierre Gouin, was hired as part of an internship to perform the data collection.

The study surveyed citizens from all districts of the City of Sherbrooke on the management and aesthetics of the street with a view of sustainable development and future beautification alternatives. Many aspects were looked at: greenery, billboards, street surface, building fronts, traffic fluidity, pedestrian walkability, store/shop location, etc. Dr. Bardati supervised the work and the production of a 42-page report closely, and plans to use the data collected for the writing of journal articles on sustainable planning. Jean-Pierre Gouin is currently completing his master’s thesis research under the supervision of Dr. Bardati on public participation in the development of new wind farms in Quebec.

Paysages Estriens is a community organization established in 2001 to raise awareness on the importance of preserving and promoting the Eastern Townships landscape. In collaboration with different stakeholders (municipal and provincial governments, chambers of commerce, environmental organizations, etc.), it ensures the proper management and development of the regional landscape. Dr. Bardati’s project is a great example of how academic research can be useful to the community and local governments in order to develop better policies and improve the quality of life of our citizens.

The Eastern Townships Research Centre would like to further support this type of collaborative research in areas of importance for our regional communities and reinforce decision-making and problem-solving capacities in the community.

For those interested, the study is available on the Web site of the Comité du patrimoine paysager estrien at:
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