September 27, 2005      
Staff Collective Agreement

Negotiations for the first Staff Collective Agreement have begun. The University is represented by its Negotiation Team of Sylvia Teasdale, Mark Mc Laughlin and Guy Bertrand. This Negotiation Team is supported by a group of senior administrators who will provide information and observations about conditions specific to their areas of activity. Furthermore, the Negotiation Team receives its mandate from the Human Resources Committee of Corporation.

The University looks forward to a negotiation process that builds upon the positive initiatives of the Staff Joint Transitional Committee. We are interested in serious, comprehensive and productive discussions that will enable the Bishop’s community to achieve its many institutional goals. Bishop’s remains committed to maintaining fair and judicious working conditions (including salaries and benefits).

We are dedicated to making this first-time negotiation a respectful experience.
You can view the Corporation Staff Negotiation Structure on the Human Resources section of the Bishop’s University website.
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