September 27, 2005      
Orientation Week in Review

Orientation Week at Bishop’s is intended to facilitate the smooth and friendly transition for new students into their new educational home and environment. Its success or failure, in many ways, sets the tone for the rest of the year. Our goals for new students include learning the norms of the campus culture, developing a focus toward academics, finding a niche and putting down roots at Bishop’s, building relationships, learning to ask for help, and finally, accepting responsibility for their own success while resisting negative peer pressure.

The success of Orientation Week 2005 (during which 687 “frosh” were introduced to life at Bishop’s) is attributable to the many hours of planning leading up to the event and to the solid commitment of the student leaders responsible for this mammoth event. Orientation Coordinators Meiko Boyer, Sam Paterson, and Mark Gravely, under the keen supervision of Louis Ialenti, President of the SRC, and Eric Desrosiers, SRC Director of Finance, oversaw the training of 65 orientation coordinators, and 20 judges, who helped the first-year students with their transition to university life through a week of social activity. Jocelyn Molyneux provided the leadership for the academic orientation and, for the first time ever, a commencement ceremony was conducted at Centennial Theatre prior to academic advising. The week was action packed with registration, a play performed by Bishop’s students, a motivational speaker, a hypnotist, a sex columnist, the Trews (an up and coming Canadian rock band), a football game, EWP exams, a movie and, of course, field day and closing ceremonies.

It is no secret that the Bishop’s student’s reputation related to “La Rentrée” (as our local media so appropriately describe the students’ return to Lennoxville) has been marred in past years by arrests, municipal violations, and vandalism. This, however, was not the case in 2005. In fact, as a result of the dedicated effort of the SRC and the Orientation leaders, this year’s version brought praise to the Bishop’s community for the manner in which returning students re-integrated into Lennoxville and in which first-year students began their transition to life at Bishop’s and Lennoxville. A spirit of cooperation, communication, and good will was never more evident among student services, town officials, the Sherbooke Police, Bishop’s Security, Student Safety, Resident Assistants, the SRC and Orientation leaders. We can all take pride in Orientation Week 2005 with respect to creating a culture where appropriate student behavior is the norm, but we must also remember this can best be described as a good start.

Bruce Stevenson
Dean of Student Affairs
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