September 27, 2005      
From the Registrar's Office

Student numbers for September 2005

The add/drop deadline was September 20th, so one can consider these figures as firm. There will, as always, be some minor fluctuations in the weeks to come. There is good news and bad news. First the good news. Full-time undergraduate students are at about the same level as last year: 2192 students compared to 2220 students in September 2004. The first year class this year has 697 students, compared to 738 last year.

Now, the bad news. All other indicators are showing a downward trend: an example is part-time student numbers are down 13%. All divisions, except Social Sciences, are down in first year, full-time students. This means that next year, unless it’s a banner year in new students registering, there will be a significant reduction in the number of students registered at Bishop’s.

First-year student registration

As usual, registration for new students was held during Orientation Week on Tuesday afternoon following Academic Orientation which took place in the morning.

This was my first registration at Bishop’s – an eye-opener to say the least. Faculty, staff and students will certainly attest to the fact that it was a labor-intensive afternoon. Long line-ups formed outside the gymnasium, extending right outside of the Sports Centre. By mid-afternoon, it was taking two to three hours for some students to go through the process.

It is my intention to work with the Academic Deans, as well as our Admissions and Records Offices, to see how we might improve this process. For instance – how can we structure registration so that students or programs that need less advising are not penalized by those who need it? Or how do we isolate the important act of academic advising from the almost mechanical act of registering? These are challenges I hope we can meet before next September.

Yves Jodoin
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