October 2005      
Bishop's helping to make Quebec roads safe for pedestrians

At least 75 pedestrians are killed each year on Quebec roads. Quebec drivers have a reputation for disregarding pedestrians and pedestrian crossings. The Sherbrooke police force has undertaken a two week program to make crossing the street a little safer for pedestrians.

Operation Bon Pied, Bon Oeil began on October 9th. Sherbrooke police stationed themselves at a number of busy crosswalks throughout Sherbrooke, stopping drivers to remind them that at crosswalks pedestrians have priority: motorists and cyclists must stop. Drivers were given brochures as well as fortune cookies with messages reminding them to drive safely. On Friday, October 14th from 8:00 – 9:30 am two Gaiter football players, Mathieu Cock’s-Morisette and Landon Chambers, joined the Sherbrooke police on Queen Street to help with the awareness campaign and hand out over 100 tickets to last Saturday’s game to motorists who did stop for pedestrians crossing.

The Bishop’s Security department is also taking part in the campaign, raising awareness among motorists and pedestrians on campus through the use of warnings and summons. So please slow down (20 km speed limit on campus), pedestrians use the cross walks on campus and motorists – please give pedestrians the right of way!
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