October 2005      
Bishop's and Bell Working to Bring WiFi to Lennoxville

Lennoxville to be Quebec’s first completely wireless community

Lennoxville (QC), October 21, 2005 – Dr. Robert Poupart, Principal of Bishop’s University, and Serge Audet, Regional Director of Estrie and Centre du Quebec for Bell Canada formally announced today a pilot project to bring a Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity) network to the borough of Lennoxville.

“Bishop’s is proud to play a leadership role in bringing wireless Internet access to all residents of Lennoxville and, if other partners come forward, this pilot project could include the entire city of Sherbrooke,” stated Dr. Poupart.

“Developing Lennoxville into a Wi-Fi community will provide residents, visitors and businesses with mobile broadband access from virtually anywhere in the borough,” according to Mr. Audet. Individuals will be able to access their E-mail and the Internet through Wi-Fi enable laptops, PDA’s or desktop computers in which wireless cards have been installed.

Bell and the University have begun a feasibility study to examine the technological, financial and legal requirements to ensure the success of this endeavor. Discussions have begun with potential partners including Cisco Systems and Nortel.

Currently Fredericton, NB is the only Canadian city offering a community wide Wi-Fi network. Earlier this month Google filed an application to provide free wireless service to the city of San Francisco. In September Bell Canada and Rogers Communications agreed to jointly build and manage a Canada-wide wireless broadband network through a joint venture, Inukshuk Internet, expected to reach two-thirds of Canadians in less than three years.

“Universal and affordable wireless internet access is essential to boost the economic and social opportunities of Lennoxville and the entire region,” says Dr. Poupart. “This is an opportunity for the Sherbrooke area to develop, in partnership with Bell, a program that will become a model for the rest of Canada. Wi-Fi networks will be the infrastructure for the new knowledge-based society.”
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