November 25, 2005      
Enrolment for 2005

In September 2005 we welcomed an incoming class of 699 students (737 in 2004). Consistent this year is the proportion of female and male students: 54 and 46 percent respectively. Our campus continues to be home to a diverse student population. The attached chartof the geographic origin of our students shows clearly why Bishop’s ranks 1st in Maclean’s in the category of “out of province first year students.”

We accommodated the growth of student numbers in the last two years because their degree choices, fortunately, coincided with our capacity to provide professors and courses in those areas. In other words, we did not simply admit a huge influx of Business students. Please see the attached chart for the distribution of our students among the divisions.

As the effect of the Ontario double cohort diminishes, we recognize that challenges lie ahead in recruiting and retaining a full campus of some 2200 students. While we do not have an action plan in place to address the issue of recruitment, it is certainly one of our preoccupations.

Your donations at work…

Scholarships have proven to be effective over the years in recruiting and retaining students. Donations to the Bishop’s University Foundation – either as annual gifts or capital ones to build named trust funds – cover the cost of the scholarship programme, and we are indeed grateful to the many benefactors who have given their support. The Foundation will provide funding in excess of $1 million to students this year – in the forms of scholarships, awards, bursaries and internships.

In 2005, Bishop’s can proudly claim that 23% of all eligible students hold a scholarship that recognizes and rewards academic achievement. The number of scholars has more than doubled since we made the decision in 1998-99 to use scholarships for strategic purposes.
Directing donor dollars to scholarships has:
  • helped in recruitment. Not only did enrolment rise but so too did our average entering grade (currently at 82.4%).
  • led to Bishop’s induction into the Golden Key International Honour Society.
  • improved our graduation rates.
  • contributed to the level of intellectual discourse both in and out of the classroom.
Many of our scholars send letters of appreciation to their sponsors. To quote a 3rd year scholar:

The scholarship has allowed me to experience many wonderful facets during my years in Quebec — a small, close-knit community; wonderful people and lifelong friends; amazing professors in a relaxed, personal setting. Without the generous support of people such as you, I would not have the opportunity to be here, pursuing my love for Biology in such an ideal location. - Amy
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