November 25, 2005      
Defining and Promoting Bishop's University

Canadian universities operate in an increasingly competitive environment - for students, for faculty, for funds. To perform successfully in this environment Bishop's must project a distinctive identity which will generate support across all constituencies, both internal and external.

Universities in Canada are beginning to follow the lead of our American neighbors by embarking on branding exercises. At their best, such exercises sharpen the image of the University in the public eye and generate enthusiasm and energy internally. At their worst, these are seen as cynical efforts by administrators to copy private sector marketing traditions. To be successful, branding exercises must have the deep support of the professoriate. This is perhaps true everywhere; it is certainly true at Bishop's.

As a result a new Senate Committee on Defining and Promoting Bishop's University - was established at the April meeting of Senate. The mandate of the committee, in consultation with the campus community, is to redefine our mission, liberal education and help position the University for the future.

The committee consists of:
Dr. Glen Wickens (Humanities), Chairperson
Professor Cathy Beauchamp (Education)
Dr. Andrea Drumheller (Social Sciences)
Mr. Evan Hughes (SRC VP External)
Ms. Sara Limpert (SRC VP Academic)
Mr. David McBride (University Advancement Officer), Secretary
Dr. Jonathan Rittenhouse (VP Academic)
Professor Bill Robson (Williams School of Business)
Mr. Hans Rouleau (Liaison)
Dr. Walter Stephan (Natural Sciences and Mathematics)

The committee met twice during the summer and has met regularly this semester to draft two draft documents which are now being circulated on campus for comments. The first document is an updated version of our mission statement, which was adopted in 1992. The second is a document which the committee believes better defines the Bishop’s experience and what a “sound and liberal” education means. It is envisioned that this document will be used on campus as a set of values, and that the document can be used to external audiences to better explain the characteristics of a Bishop’s education.

The committee is eager for feedback from all Bishop’s constituents. Please read our draft mission statement and Bishop’s defines a sound and liberal education. Comments and feedback are welcome until December 16th and may be sent to Dave McBride, committee secretary.
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