November 2005      
Joint Health and Safety Committee

The Joint Health and Safety Committee was approved by the Executive Committee of Corporation April 2005.

The Joint Health and Safety Committee held its first meeting on September 12th, 2005 at which the members of the Committee were nominated and approved. The members are:
Dr. Dale Wood, Faculty representative
Ms. Willa Montague, Staff representative
Ms. Solange Cloutier, Champlain College representative
Mr. Guy Bertrand, Bishop’s University representative
Mr. Mark McLaughlin, Bishop’s University representative
Mr. Kit Skelton, Bishop’s University representative
Student representative to be named

Kit Skelton was nominated as chairman and Dale Wood was nominated as secretary.

There are four subcommittees that will report to the JHSC:

Workplace Safety Subcommittee responsible for Laboratory safety and hazardous materials on campus.

Accident Prevention Subcommittee responsible for incident and/or accident investigation, Health and Safety training, and accident prevention.

Campus Safety Subcommittee responsible for Emergency Procedures, Campus/student safety and liaison with the City of Sherbrooke.

Wellness Subcommittee responsible for employee programs and awareness of health issues.

The Subcommittees are currently being formed and the names of the members will be given at a later date.

The second meeting of the JHSC was held on November 3rd and the next meeting is scheduled to be held on December 8th.
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