March 1, 2006      
Mission Statement and Defining Principles

In the November issue of the Donor e-newsletter you were invited to read and comment on a draft document produced by a sub-committee of Senate: “Defining and Promoting Bishop’s”. The document included a rewritten mission statement and eleven principles of a sound and liberal education at Bishop’s. The committee received a number of comments from alumni and friends and consulted several groups on campus.

On January 30th a revised mission statement and defining principles was presented and passed at Senate. The document will now go to Executive Committee for approval. This document is also being used on campus as a starting point for discussions related to strategic planning.

The committee will continue to meet each year to review the document, ensuring its relevance to students and its accurate reflection of the Bishop’s experience. Please view the current version of the document, and send any comments or suggestions to Dave McBride.
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