March 1, 2006      
Internships Put Theoretical Knowledge Into Practice

When Richard Tomlinson ’43, DCL ‘89 made his substantial gift to Bishop’s in 1999, he left it for the University to determine its funding priorities. His only proviso: I prefer to invest in people – faculty and students. One valuable result was the establishment of a Tomlinson Initiatives Fund which now finances Student Internships on campus.

In the spring, members of the Bishop’s community are invited to submit applications to the Dean of Student Affairs for funding of an internship position. The proposal must demonstrate how the position will benefit both the student and Bishop’s. “Internships enable students to contribute to departments on campus and, at the same time, gain real-world experience that will serve them well when they begin their job searches after graduation,” says Bruce Stevenson ‘76, Dean of Student Affairs.

This year ten areas received grants to hire student interns. The students earn from $840 to $1900 in the academic year, based primarily on the number of hours spent in their position.

A sampling of internships in 2005-06 includes:

Athletic Department – Sports Information: This intern assists the Athletic Department with the preparation of press releases, web content, game day programs and media guides. The intern also assists with game day promotion and production. The position gives excellent experience to students in the Marketing program, any discipline in the Divisions of Humanities and Social Sciences, or the new Sports Studies Minor.

“It has been a privilege to work in the Athletic Department,” says Sean O’Neill, a second-year Political Studies student. “My position in Sports Information has been of immense value to me, providing an excellent opportunity to combine personal and academic interests and apply them to the work-force. I am grateful for the opportunity.”

Counseling Services – Learning Technology: This intern works with special needs students, teaching them how to integrate adaptive technology into their studies at Bishop’s. This internship provides valuable teaching experience for students considering a career in Education, while also enhancing their understanding of technology and the challenges of learning-disabled students.

Drama Internship: Professor JoJo Rideout of the Drama Department works with an intern to organize and manage a small company of volunteer Bishop’s drama students who put on plays at local schools. Drama students hone their skills while also contributing to the cultural richness of the local community.

“The schools have come to remember and look forward to the productions,” says Professor Rideout. “They are a fantastic way for Bishop’s to strengthen its connection to the community.”

Foreman Art Gallery: Working closely with the curator, the intern assists with the installation of exhibitions, co-ordinates the Graduate Student Exhibition, animates educational workshops, and serves as a gallery-campus liaison. Students in the Fine Arts or Arts Administration programs gain invaluable and satisfying work experience.
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