March 2006      

I encourage you to take the time to review the second draft for a new model for governance prepared by the Ad-hoc Committee on Governance. The Committee made every attempt to incorporate the views, concerns and concepts that were brought forward in Bandeen Hall on December 7th, as well as numerous written submissions that we received.

The Committee believes the new version of the document will clarify the changes that are being proposed, as well as the reasons for those changes. The three column approach seemed the best method to achieve this goal.

This second draft is by no means a final draft; the review process continues to be a work in progress. I encourage you to send your comments and questions in writing to the Committee. You may also feel free to speak with any of the Committee members: Chancellor Scott Griffin; Corporation President Philip Matthews; Registrar and Secretary-General Yves Jodoin; former Registrar and Secretary-General Ann Montgomery; or me.

It is also my hope that both academic and non-academic Divisions and Departments are meeting on their own to discuss this important topic. I am always happy to attend a meeting of any of these groups, or others, to hear your thoughts about this document and the future of governance at Bishop’s University.
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