April 25, 2006      
Smoking Policy Changes

The implementation of the new Quebec Tobacco Act will have significant impact on the Bishop’s campus. Beginning May 31st, in addition to completely prohibiting smoking within University buildings, the law stipulates that no smoking will be permitted within 9 metres (approximately 30ft) of any exterior door leading to a University building.

As a result, the Facilities Department will be relocating the cigarette butt-stops to locations outside of this 9 metre limit and new signage will be put up. Doolittle’s will no longer be permitted to sell cigarettes. The University Health Services will be offering smoking cessation classes this Spring and Fall to all members of the Bishop’s community. The Environment & Land Use Committee and Health and Safety Committee have also addressed this issue. The University Smoking Policy will be updated to reflect these changes.

Thank you in advance for complying with the new provincial regulations.
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