April 25, 2006      

Bishop’s and Champlain College co-hosted the Bell Expo Science last month, bringing many of the top high school science students in the region to campus. This was the first time Bishop’s has hosted the event and from all reports it was a great success. Many thanks to a number of Bishop’s faculty and staff for the important role they played in this excellent project including: Dr. Aris, Marcia Boisvert, Dr. Chamoux, Patrick Dubois, Prof. Fournier, Dr. Huard (co-president of the Bell Expo Science), Prof. Jaffer, Annie Lavariere, Dan Major, Prof. Merovitz, Dr. Nelson, Hans Rouleau and Dr. Stephan.

Within the past month both the SRC and Athletics held their respective awards ceremonies to honour achievements from this year. Both events were excellent reminders that Bishop’s is full of truly outstanding students.

The Bishop’s Model UN team came back from New York City in early February with a “Distinguished Delegation Award”. This award placed Bishop’s among the top 25 university teams (out of 240 worldwide) at this year’s competition. The students from Professor Hogg’s United Nations Practicum (POL352) class certainly made Bishop’s and Uruguay (the country they represented) proud!

And finally…the Staff All-Star hockey team had a successful first season. They competed against the BCS staff, local oldtimer teams, an intramural all-star team and the Polar Bears. The season ended with an impressive record of 4 & 1. Apparently the team is fundraising to buy Al Ansell new goalie equipment so that he can stop pucks. They plan to field a team in 2006-07 and encourage prospects to get in shape over the summer. The Staff All-Stars have also issued a challenge to Faculty for next year - either hockey or broomball.
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