April 25, 2006      
News from the Research Office

We are pleased to announce that three Bishop’s professors have received research grants from the Fonds québécois de la recherche sur la société et la culture amounting to over $100,000!

Dr. Sophie Boyer, Chair of the German section of the Modern Languages department, received a grant of $37,004 for her project entitled “Crime and Sexuality in German Literature from 1900 to 1933”. Dr. Boyer’s research explores the different meeting points of crime and sexuality in German literature from 1900 to 1933, a period in which crime literature depicting sexual violence flourished.

Dr. Cristian Berco, in the Department of History, received a grant of $34,526 for his project “Disease, Hospital, and Beyond: Syphilis and Society in Early Modern Toledo”. He will investigate how syphilis impacted the city of Toledo, by looking not only at patients but also at how families and the community managed and responded to this disease. The implications of syphilis went well beyond hospital treatment and care to encompass local politics, economics, and social networks.

Dr. Susan Reid in the Williams School of Business has been awarded a grant of $39,600 for her project entitled “Technology Vision and Market Vision: Wave Impact on Early Firm Performance in the Case of Radical Innovation”. Her research expands on work she undertook for her Ph.D. dissertation, exploring the concepts of technology vision and market vision. The former, technology vision, is a mental image that organizational members have for how to develop a new technology, and the latter, market vision, is a mental image that organizational members have of a desired and important market for that new technology.
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