April 25, 2006      
Campus Construction

Each summer season brings a new round of construction/renovations to the Bishop’s campus. This year is no different. A number of projects are planned:

Johnson Quad entrance: A new entrance to Johnson will be built this summer, replacing the existing structure.

Heating Tunnel: Work will begin shortly on construction of a new steam tunnel, between the Power House and Mackinnon. The concrete tunnel will have an inside dimension of 4’ 6” x 4’ 6” and will provide an access between the Power House, Centennial Theatre and Mackinnon for future installations such as power and IT connections. As part of the tunnel project, an outdoor auditorium will be constructed in the area between the Student Centre, Mackinnon and the soccer field. This project will be completed by mid August.

Observatory: A new 16’ 6” telescope observatory dome will be installed on top of the Nicolls Building, next to the existing rooftop mechanical room. Funding for this project comes from the last Capital Campaign and the project should be completed for September.

Modification to the Facilities Garage: The existing garage opposite the Power House will be modified to contain 5 offices, a meeting room and archive storage for the Facilities Department. This project will start in May and should be completed by July.

Panda Daycare: Negotiations are almost complete to build an addition to the existing Panda Daycare facility. This would increase the number of “Bishop’s related” reserved spots from 10 to 50. The addition will be a partnership between the University and a community partner and will be managed by the current operator. The target completion date is September 1st.
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