September 6, 2006      
Principal's Message

The beginning of a new school year brings much excitement to our campus. I spent the weekend welcoming new students, along with their families, to their home for the next three or four years. They were eager, but also very nervous. I reassured them that they are in good hands. For over 160 years Bishop’s has provided students from across Canada and around the world with a high quality university experience – and that will not change. Each and every member of our campus community plays a role in ensuring the best possible Bishop’s Experience, so let me thank you in advance for the wonderful work you do all year long.

This fall will be exciting for Bishop’s for a number of reasons. A number of new faculty and staff members have joined our campus – you will find a list of recent additions to campus in an article below. I trust that our new colleagues are settling in well and have met many others on campus. A number of renovation projects have taken place in our academic buildings as well as in the Library. You may have noticed the new Observatory on top of the Nicolls Building. Dr. Nelson has impressive plans for this facility, not only for our students but for outside groups as well. A new food services provider, Sodexho, took over on July 1st, and changes to look for include a Tim Horton’s on campus after Thanksgiving. Coach Blugh has done a fantastic job bringing some of the best young student-athletes to campus to join our football program. I have watched practice – we certainly appear to be bigger, stronger and more competitive than in recent years.

A number of working groups met in the summer as part of the strategic planning process. Written reports are expected from these groups by the end of October – and they will play a significant role in charting the course of the planning process. I encourage all members of the Bishop’s community, whether you are officially part of a working group or not, to share your thoughts with the various groups. The goal of this process is to get colleagues – faculty, staff, students, and community members – discussing how the Bishop’s experience can and will evolve. There are already examples of improvements on campus that are a result of efforts of these working groups and there are sure to be many more as we move through the process.

A list of groups is available on the Strategic Planning website. These groups will report to a soon to be formed Strategic Planning Committee (which will include representation from all campus constituents).This is a collective process; everyone can and should have a voice in the future of Bishop’s University. I look forward to the recommendations of the working groups, and to pulling together this work to help navigate Bishop’s into the future.
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