September 6, 2006      
New Faces on Campus

A number of new faces, both faculty and staff, have joined the Bishop’s University community since June 1. Please join me in welcoming the following individuals to our campus:

Dr. Avril Aitken - Education
Dr. Carl Bartels - Chemistry
Mr. Christopher Blanar - Biology
Mr. Yan Cimon - Business
Dr. Catherine Feeley - Classics
Mr. Mark Gandey - Business
Dr. Walter Marcantoni - Psychology
Dr. Steven Woodward - English

Annie Appleby, Conference Supervisor
Serge Bensimon, Director, Student Counselling, Special Needs and Employment Resources Centre
Michel Caron, Director Facilities
Nathan King, Athletic Therapist
Sonia Patenaude, Development Officer – Centennial Theatre
Mark Pezzi, ITS Applications & Infrastructure Manager
Nora Webb, Curatorial Assistant - Art Gallery
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