September 6, 2006      
Campus Facilities Update

Bishop's University is upgrading the locks on campus. We are now using the Medeco locking system which will provide greater security for our campus.

The Security Department, Facilities Department, Deans and Heads of Departments met to set up the new key procedures for access to the various offices, classrooms, labs, etc. on campus. It was decided, at that time, that duplicate keys would no longer be made available and that keys would be picked up and signed for at the time of issuance.

These new procedures should help in keeping your workplace a more secure environment. If you have any questions regarding the new Medico System for your area, please see your Dean or Department Head.

The "Big Dig"
You may have noticed the construction of a 4'6" x 4'6" concrete tunnel (for the steam lines which heat the buildings) between the Power House, Centennial Theatre and Mackinnon. This is a permanent solution to a problem that has existed for some time and will allow for future connections such as IT between Mackinnon, the Power House and the Theatre.

Using some of the excavated material from the tunnel project we are going to have an amphitheatre in the area between the Student Centre and the Soccer Field. Students will be able to enjoy this area in the very near future and weather permitting the sod will be laid in early September.

The funding for this project was part of the last Capital Campaign. The installation of the observation dome is progressing well. The Observatory is on the roof of the Nicoll's building and the 10" telescope will be fully operational by the end of September 2006.

The existing 6 car garage in the area of the Boiler House is being converted into offices for the Facilities Department. The renovated building will house 5 offices, a conference room and centralized archive storage for building drawings and documents. The Facilities Administration Building should be ready by the end of September.

Library - Orientation Room
Newly renovated and enlarged Orientation Room will be ready for classes this coming semester.

Library Language Lab
The Language Lab formerly located in the Johnson building is being moved to the Library. The work to prepare the Language Lab is going well and it should be operational by the end of September.

Nicolls 315A & 316 Psychology
These rooms have had a face-lift and new IT equipment has been installed.

Building Entrances
The exterior doors to Nicholls (facing College Street) have been replaced. The work to the Quad entrance to the Johnson Building has been postponed until next year.
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