September 6, 2006      
The Future is Wireless...

Throughout the summer the ITS Department made significant progress to greatly improve the University’s network infrastructure. The benefits of this investment include:

Improved RezNet: Our internet offering in residence is now comparable to existing commercial internet providers. The bandwidth and the speed has been increased, a move which will benefit everyone on the Bishop’s campus. Students will now have improved assess to highly popular functionalities such as chatting/live video session over the internet through Microsoft Messenger.

Opportunities for wireless expansion: This investment provides the foundation that will enable us to progressively extend our current wireless coverage and offering on campus. Until recently, our capability to manage wireless connections on campus were highly limited by our equipment but this will no longer be an issue. Expansion of wireless on campus will require the installation of more antennas, the infrastructure is in place to accommodate expansion.

The Pole Universitaire has set up a committee to further examine the opportunities for wireless and/or other options that might be of interest to the members of the Pole, the City of Sherbrooke, and all residents.
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