September 6, 2006      
Orientation Week

Approximately 675 first year students began Orientation Week – Welcome to Fabulous Lennoxvegas is the theme – on Sunday night in Centennial Theatre with a skit by the Bishop’s Drama Department, followed by a motivational presentation by Bishop’s graduate Cameron “Superfan” Hughes ’96.

The University and the SRC have collaborated to ensure that this week is an enjoyable and safe introduction to Bishop’s University. Last year’s Orientation week was widely regarded as a success, and the SRC is striving to make this year’s even better. Events are scheduled for the rest of the week including academic orientation and registration, a casino night, scavenger hunt, movie night, air band competition, dinners and a major concert in the Quad on Friday evening. An emphasis has been placed on holding more events on campus, and ensuring there are ample non-alcohol options available.

To date the week has run quite smoothly. I will admit that I enjoyed spending a few hours late Sunday night/early Monday morning meeting students, handing out bottled water, and making sure they cleaned up the streets. The Town and Gown Committee will meet every morning this week, bringing together University representatives, students, Borough of Lennoxville officials, Champlain College, the police and fire departments. The collaboration among these various stakeholders is truly outstanding as we continue to work to ensure the best possible town and gown relations possible.
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