University terminology

Academic Calendar: The document provides all the information about academic programs, fees, regulations, admission requirements, course descriptions, and much more.

Awards & Bursaries: Monies awarded to students based on financial need and / or involvement.

B.A.: A Bachelorís of Arts degree is awarded by the university upon successful completion of academic programs in Arts, Business, and Education.

B.Ed.: A Bachelorís of Education degree at Bishopís University is normally obtained after successful completion of a first undergraduate degree and a one year program in Education.

B.Sc.: A Bachelorís of Science degree is awarded by the university upon successful completion of academic programs in the Sciences.

Entrance Scholarships: Monies awarded to first-year students based on academic merits.

Full time student: A student enrolled in more than 4 or more courses (12credits) per semester.

Honours: An honours is the most highly specialized concentration of courses within a degree. (It normally requires 20 courses (60 credits)).

Major: A major is the concentration of courses within a selected degree. (It normally requires that a student take 16 courses (48 credits) within one discipline.

Minor: A minor is the lowest concentration of courses formally recognized. (It normally requires eight course (24 credits)).

Part-time Student: A student enrolled in fewer than 3 courses (9 credits) per semester.

Transfer Student: A student that has attended any other post-secondary institution.

Visiting Student: A student who is admitted to Bishop's University to take courses for transfer to a degree program elsewhere.

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