University terminology


An admitted offer is presented to a student who meets the program requirement(s) and has successfully obtained a high school leaving certificate, CEGEP (DEC), or college degree.

Provisionally admitted:

Provisionally admitted offer is presented to a student who has not yet completed their final year and is based on mid-term marks. Upon receipt of final marks the file will be reassessed; if you meet the program requirement(s) outlined in your letter of acceptance, you will be admitted. If not, the Admission Office reserves the right to decline your admission to Bishop’s.

An applicants file which has been deferred is one in which the Admissions Office requires more information. Students are encouraged to submit additional information and forward mid-term marks and final marks when they are available.

Not admitted:
Applicants who at first glance do not meet the program requirement(s). If your academic situation improves or if there are extenuating circumstances forward your final marks and / or reasons to the Admissions Office.

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