December 8, 2006  
Note from the Principal
Dr. Poupart looks back on a busy fall semester.
A Bright Future
Robb Schaefer, a 4th Year Business student, was the recent recipient of the Future Funds Scholarship - a national award.
Read more about one of BU's best...
Community Spirit
Bishop's students do more than simply attend classes; they are also committed and caring community members.
Giving back...
Did You Get The Call?
Through the fall, Bishop's students were burning up the phone lines - hopefully speaking with you.
The tax year is quickly drawing to a close...

December 31, 2006

The capital gains tax on donations of publicly listed securities to charities was eliminated - have you considered making a gift of securities to Bishop's? Please contact Pam McPhail to discuss how you can save money while supporting Bishop's.
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