November 25, 2005  
Welcome to the inaugural issue of an e-newsletter to be published specifically for donors of the Bishop’s University Foundation. We plan to publish our Benefactor e-Newsletter three times a year in November, February and June. In these pages, you will read about recent developments on campus, current University issues of discussion and debate, Foundation projects and priorities, and other articles of interest to you. Our aim is to keep you well-informed about the charity – Bishop’s University – you kindly choose to support. If you have topics you wish to see addressed, send your ideas to
Enrolment for 2005
Come the fall every year we examine closely our student numbers, especially as they have budgetary implications. This September enrolment remained stable at 2206 full-time students (2188 in 2004).
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Renovations to begin in Centennial this January
Government support is allowing us to begin renovating Centennial Theatre this January, but we still need your help.
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Defining and Promoting Bishop's University
Canadian universities operate in an increasingly competitive environment - for students, for faculty, for funds. To perform successfully in this environment Bishop's must project a distinctive identity which will generate enthusiastic support across all constituencies, both internal and external.
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Maclean's Rankings
The 2005 Maclean's University Rankings hit newstands earlier this month.
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