February 6, 2006  
Welcome to the first Principal's e-newsletter of 2006. This will be a year where collectively we must move Bishop's University forward. I encourage you to read all of the articles below as they represent significant issues.
A Time for Transformation
Given many of the issues facing Bishop's, we must begin to look at different opportunities with respect to the daily operations of the University.
Governance Review Process
Work continues on the governance review process which began following the Spring meeting of Corporation…
Difficult Financial Times Ahead
Financial projections for the next three years were tabled at the January meeting of the Executive Committee of Corporation.
January Enrolment Figures
Add/Drop has passed, so final numbers are in for the 2006 Winter semester.
See numbers...
Highlighting Recent Achievements
I want to acknowledge recent highlights on campus…
What is your preference for the Bishop's Christmas Party next year?
 Same as this year
 A sit down lunch
 An afternoon cocktail reception at Dewhurst
 We should not spend money on a Christmas Party
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