March 1, 2006  
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Learning Beyond the Classroom
The Student Opportunity Fund Committee awarded $11,700 this year for students to pursue various initiatives that enrich their academic experience.
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Mission Statement and Defining Principles
An updated version of the Bishop’s mission statement, along with a document of defining principles of a sound and liberal education, was recently passed at Senate.
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Thriving International Exchange Program
Many Bishop's students include a study abroad as part of their experience. Thanks to the generosity of David Williams '63, DCL ’96, students also receive financial support to help in these ventures.
Travelling the world...
Sherbrooke Police Learning English at Bishop’s
Sherbrooke Police are spending more time on campus this year, but for a positive reason.
ESL classes for police...
Internships Put Theoretical Knowledge Into Practice
Bishop's students are gaining work experience in challenging positions, without even leaving the Bishop’s campus.
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