e-COMMUNICATOR October 11, 2005

A Capital Campaign in the Works...

Capital campaigns require judicious planning in order to be successful. Faculty, staff, students and alumni had an opportunity earlier this year in a survey to express preliminary views on possible funding priorities. The time has arrived for members of the campus community to further the planning process by preparing and submitting project proposals for consideration.

A Campaign Priorities Committee will review project submissions and, after wide consultation on campus, recommend the projects/initiatives for inclusion in the next capital campaign to the Executive Committee of Corporation and to the Bishop’s University Foundation. Please take into account the following criteria when preparing your funding request(s):

(a) urgency of the need
(b) cost/benefit of the project relative to competing University priorities
(c) cost of the project relative to the total potential of the campaign
(d) tangible benefits of the project to the campus community
(e) compatibility of the project with Bishop’s mission and plans
(f) probable attractiveness of the project to potential donors (with an identification of prospective donors when possible)
(g) willingness/capacity of members of the Bishop’s community to assist with the funding and/or implementation of the project
(h) possibility of leveraging additional capital/programmatic/research funding to the project from both public and private sources
(i) continued operating costs incurred by the project

The eventual list of approved projects will evolve during the course of the campaign, but initial decisions about funding priorities will be made in a timely fashion to meet the aspirations of both the University and the Foundation for a capital campaign to be well underway in the next 12-18 months.

Please see the timeline for the proposed campaign.

Project proposals should be submitted by January 6, 2006 to:
Pam McPhail, Executive Director, Bishop’s University Foundation
Tel: 822-9600 ext. 2264; pmcphail@ubishops.ca

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