e-COMMUNICATOR October 2005

Quebec Delegation Trip to China

From September 21st to 30th I was privileged to be a member of Premier Charest’s official delegation to China. 125 delegates representing higher education and business took part in this trip co-coordinated through the Ministries of International Relations and Economic Development, Innovation and Export.

Apart from having to return to Vancouver three hours into our flight to Beijing due to the pilot’s sudden attack of kidney stones, the mission’s organization was flawless and very impressive.

During the visit 27 individual meetings were organized with various universities in three cities, (Beijing, Shanghai and Jinan). A sampling of the universities include Beijing International Studies University, Beijing Normal University and The University of International Business and Economics.

The Chinese representatives were warm, welcoming and very eager to develop relationships with Canadian universities. Some of them had already targeted Bishop’s as an interesting future partner and were eager to learn more about Bishop’s and our approach to higher education. The Chinese universities are eager to have Canadian partners who will not only accept their students, but will also send students to study in China.

The Chinese have set a very ambitious goal; their aim is to be home to the 100 top universities in the world before the end of the 21st century. To that effect, they have started evaluating their institutions (the Shanghai index, see The Economist) and have embarked on differential investment initiatives. The universities are extremely serious about evaluating their institutions as well as the comparative strengths and weaknesses of European and North American institutions.

Any future collaboration with China will involve in-depth bilateral evaluations of potential partners. Chinese authorities are concerned with quality, not student enrolment. International relationships and the strength/depth of student involvement in their academic pursuits are considered important indicators of institutional quality. It was refreshing to visit a country making such a commitment to financing higher education as a means of strengthening themselves. There are certainly opportunities to work with China and its universities – we will continue to study and evaluate them in the future with the campus community.

Robert Poupart

Master Calendar on the Bishop's website

The ITS Department and Dave McBride have begun looking for a user-friendly Campus master calendar for the Bishop’s website. The ideal tool will allow both campus and external community members to see all activities on campus for a given day, week or month. This tool will also be beneficial for groups planning events; if used as the primary schedule of events it might avoid days or evenings with multiple events competing for the same audience.

In the interim it will be beneficial to put together a list of events on the website. Anyone wishing to have events posted is encouraged to send them to Dave McBride (dmcbride@ubishops.ca). Please include the following information:

- Title of the event
- Date(s) and time
- Location
- Website address (if applicable)
- Brief description (if necessary)
- Contact person

Bishop's helping to make Quebec roads safe for pedestrians

At least 75 pedestrians are killed each year on Quebec roads. Quebec drivers have a reputation for disregarding pedestrians and pedestrian crossings. The Sherbrooke police force has undertaken a two week program to make crossing the street a little safer for pedestrians.

Operation Bon Pied, Bon Oeil began on October 9th. Sherbrooke police stationed themselves at a number of busy crosswalks throughout Sherbrooke, stopping drivers to remind them that at crosswalks pedestrians have priority: motorists and cyclists must stop. Drivers were given brochures as well as fortune cookies with messages reminding them to drive safely. On Friday, October 14th from 8:00 – 9:30 am two Gaiter football players, Mathieu Cock’s-Morisette and Landon Chambers, joined the Sherbrooke police on Queen Street to help with the awareness campaign and hand out over 100 tickets to last Saturday’s game to motorists who did stop for pedestrians crossing.

The Bishop’s Security department is also taking part in the campaign, raising awareness among motorists and pedestrians on campus through the use of warnings and summons. So please slow down (20 km speed limit on campus), pedestrians use the cross walks on campus and motorists – please give pedestrians the right of way!

Celebrating Student Successes

Below are some students deserving recognition for their positive impact on the Bishop’s campus:

Jenn Kang (pictured at right) was a finalist for the prestigious Personality of the Year (undergraduate) at the Forces Avenir Gala in Montreal last month. The Gala celebrates outstanding projects, initiatives and students in Quebec universities. Jenn received a $2000 scholarship.

For the first time ever a music student from Bishop’s reached the national final of a major music festival. Cellist Tomohisa Toriumi, an Honours student in the Music Department, performed at the National Music Festival, held this summer in Kamloops, B.C..

Matt Glass was named to the first team all-star (defence) on Thanksgiving weekend at the Ross Cup (Canadian National Club Championship) held in London, ON.

Nick Inch has been drafted by the Toronto Rock of the National Lacrosse League. He has advised them that his priority is to complete his degree and university lacrosse career prior to turning professional.

Marie Eve Therrien a Hispanic Studies Major / German Minor, is participating in an international exchange this semester at Universidad de Alicante in Spain, and next semester to Germany for an exchange at Otto-Freidrich-Universitat Bamberg. Ms. Therrien maintains a 92% cumulative average and has been awarded seven scholarships & prizes. She also dedicated much of her time with the International Students Association while at Bishop’s and is volunteering with the same organization in Spain.

Students Written Up! …For All The Right Reasons!
This year the residence life program has started a positive contributor initiative. RA's identify residents who they think have made a positive contribution to residence life over the month. These are residence students who demonstrate that they care about their community and who go that extra mile to improve the community and the experience for others around them.

The following is a list of students who were acknowledged as making a positive contribution to residence and the Bishop’s community in the month of September:

Bronwyn Kierstead
Sarah Simone Landry
Fraser Lockerbie
William Orford
Wesley Krauss
Gerald Pape
Andrew Peter Whalley
Jacki Brazzeal
Lauren Heggison
Paul Tresidder
Devin Arsenault
Zachary Buis
Jennifer Chu
Brendan G. Irvin
Mike Wighton

All of the students mentioned above received a certificate of appreciation from the residence life program to recognize their contribution to the Bishop’s community.
Jason Boast, Residence Life Co-ordinator

Bishop's and Bell Working to Bring WiFi to Lennoxville

Lennoxville to be Quebec’s first completely wireless community

Lennoxville (QC), October 21, 2005 – Dr. Robert Poupart, Principal of Bishop’s University, and Serge Audet, Regional Director of Estrie and Centre du Quebec for Bell Canada formally announced today a pilot project to bring a Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity) network to the borough of Lennoxville.

“Bishop’s is proud to play a leadership role in bringing wireless Internet access to all residents of Lennoxville and, if other partners come forward, this pilot project could include the entire city of Sherbrooke,” stated Dr. Poupart.

“Developing Lennoxville into a Wi-Fi community will provide residents, visitors and businesses with mobile broadband access from virtually anywhere in the borough,” according to Mr. Audet. Individuals will be able to access their E-mail and the Internet through Wi-Fi enable laptops, PDA’s or desktop computers in which wireless cards have been installed.

Bell and the University have begun a feasibility study to examine the technological, financial and legal requirements to ensure the success of this endeavor. Discussions have begun with potential partners including Cisco Systems and Nortel.

Currently Fredericton, NB is the only Canadian city offering a community wide Wi-Fi network. Earlier this month Google filed an application to provide free wireless service to the city of San Francisco. In September Bell Canada and Rogers Communications agreed to jointly build and manage a Canada-wide wireless broadband network through a joint venture, Inukshuk Internet, expected to reach two-thirds of Canadians in less than three years.

“Universal and affordable wireless internet access is essential to boost the economic and social opportunities of Lennoxville and the entire region,” says Dr. Poupart. “This is an opportunity for the Sherbrooke area to develop, in partnership with Bell, a program that will become a model for the rest of Canada. Wi-Fi networks will be the infrastructure for the new knowledge-based society.”

Change in Full-time Employee Pension Plan Committee Representation

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