e-COMMUNICATOR September 6, 2006

Principal's Message

The beginning of a new school year brings much excitement to our campus. I spent the weekend welcoming new students, along with their families, to their home for the next three or four years. They were eager, but also very nervous. I reassured them that they are in good hands. For over 160 years Bishop’s has provided students from across Canada and around the world with a high quality university experience – and that will not change. Each and every member of our campus community plays a role in ensuring the best possible Bishop’s Experience, so let me thank you in advance for the wonderful work you do all year long.

This fall will be exciting for Bishop’s for a number of reasons. A number of new faculty and staff members have joined our campus – you will find a list of recent additions to campus in an article below. I trust that our new colleagues are settling in well and have met many others on campus. A number of renovation projects have taken place in our academic buildings as well as in the Library. You may have noticed the new Observatory on top of the Nicolls Building. Dr. Nelson has impressive plans for this facility, not only for our students but for outside groups as well. A new food services provider, Sodexho, took over on July 1st, and changes to look for include a Tim Horton’s on campus after Thanksgiving. Coach Blugh has done a fantastic job bringing some of the best young student-athletes to campus to join our football program. I have watched practice – we certainly appear to be bigger, stronger and more competitive than in recent years.

A number of working groups met in the summer as part of the strategic planning process. Written reports are expected from these groups by the end of October – and they will play a significant role in charting the course of the planning process. I encourage all members of the Bishop’s community, whether you are officially part of a working group or not, to share your thoughts with the various groups. The goal of this process is to get colleagues – faculty, staff, students, and community members – discussing how the Bishop’s experience can and will evolve. There are already examples of improvements on campus that are a result of efforts of these working groups and there are sure to be many more as we move through the process.

A list of groups is available on the Strategic Planning website. These groups will report to a soon to be formed Strategic Planning Committee (which will include representation from all campus constituents).This is a collective process; everyone can and should have a voice in the future of Bishop’s University. I look forward to the recommendations of the working groups, and to pulling together this work to help navigate Bishop’s into the future.

New Faces on Campus

A number of new faces, both faculty and staff, have joined the Bishop’s University community since June 1. Please join me in welcoming the following individuals to our campus:

Dr. Avril Aitken - Education
Dr. Carl Bartels - Chemistry
Mr. Christopher Blanar - Biology
Mr. Yan Cimon - Business
Dr. Catherine Feeley - Classics
Mr. Mark Gandey - Business
Dr. Walter Marcantoni - Psychology
Dr. Steven Woodward - English

Annie Appleby, Conference Supervisor
Serge Bensimon, Director, Student Counselling, Special Needs and Employment Resources Centre
Michel Caron, Director Facilities
Nathan King, Athletic Therapist
Sonia Patenaude, Development Officer – Centennial Theatre
Mark Pezzi, ITS Applications & Infrastructure Manager
Nora Webb, Curatorial Assistant - Art Gallery

Campus Food Services

Beginning this September, Bishop's University will offer students a new dining experience. The Continuous Dining Experience gives students more value for their dollar, as they can go at any time of the day during operating hours and eat whatever they wish, and they will never have to worry about running out of meal points! The new hours of operation at Dewhurst will be 7am to Midnight, seven days a week - which means students will get a lot more access to the Dining Hall than ever before! Students will swipe their Gaiter Card upon entering Dewhurst and will have access to anything that is being served.

The Continuous Dining Experience is only available at Dewhurst. Other dining options and venues are still available to the campus community, such as the Gaiter Grill with Pizza Pizza, the Bus Stop, The Loft with Starbucks and Ultimate Deli, and Tim Horton's will open in mid-October. Students will use their retail dollars – built into certain meal plans – to purchase their meals at these locations.

Dining services on campus are not only for residence students. We offer an assortment of different dining plans for every type of person. The commuter plan is designed for the person who spends their days on campus and wants to eat a meal (or more) a day at any of our dining venues. We offer blocks of meals at a discounted price for the person who eats the occasional meal on campus. These plans come in blocks of 25, 50 and 75 meals. Single meals may also be purchased at Dewhurst: $4.95 for breakfast; $8.20 for lunch; $9.95 for dinner (plus applicable taxes) – and you may enjoy as much as you like while you are there. For more information or to purchase a plan please contact Residence and Conference Services at ext. 2685.

Campus Facilities Update

Bishop's University is upgrading the locks on campus. We are now using the Medeco locking system which will provide greater security for our campus.

The Security Department, Facilities Department, Deans and Heads of Departments met to set up the new key procedures for access to the various offices, classrooms, labs, etc. on campus. It was decided, at that time, that duplicate keys would no longer be made available and that keys would be picked up and signed for at the time of issuance.

These new procedures should help in keeping your workplace a more secure environment. If you have any questions regarding the new Medico System for your area, please see your Dean or Department Head.

The "Big Dig"
You may have noticed the construction of a 4'6" x 4'6" concrete tunnel (for the steam lines which heat the buildings) between the Power House, Centennial Theatre and Mackinnon. This is a permanent solution to a problem that has existed for some time and will allow for future connections such as IT between Mackinnon, the Power House and the Theatre.

Using some of the excavated material from the tunnel project we are going to have an amphitheatre in the area between the Student Centre and the Soccer Field. Students will be able to enjoy this area in the very near future and weather permitting the sod will be laid in early September.

The funding for this project was part of the last Capital Campaign. The installation of the observation dome is progressing well. The Observatory is on the roof of the Nicoll's building and the 10" telescope will be fully operational by the end of September 2006.

The existing 6 car garage in the area of the Boiler House is being converted into offices for the Facilities Department. The renovated building will house 5 offices, a conference room and centralized archive storage for building drawings and documents. The Facilities Administration Building should be ready by the end of September.

Library - Orientation Room
Newly renovated and enlarged Orientation Room will be ready for classes this coming semester.

Library – Language Lab
The Language Lab formerly located in the Johnson building is being moved to the Library. The work to prepare the Language Lab is going well and it should be operational by the end of September.

Nicolls 315A & 316 – Psychology
These rooms have had a face-lift and new IT equipment has been installed.

Building Entrances
The exterior doors to Nicholls (facing College Street) have been replaced. The work to the Quad entrance to the Johnson Building has been postponed until next year.

The Future is Wireless...

Throughout the summer the ITS Department made significant progress to greatly improve the University’s network infrastructure. The benefits of this investment include:

Improved RezNet: Our internet offering in residence is now comparable to existing commercial internet providers. The bandwidth and the speed has been increased, a move which will benefit everyone on the Bishop’s campus. Students will now have improved assess to highly popular functionalities such as chatting/live video session over the internet through Microsoft Messenger.

Opportunities for wireless expansion: This investment provides the foundation that will enable us to progressively extend our current wireless coverage and offering on campus. Until recently, our capability to manage wireless connections on campus were highly limited by our equipment but this will no longer be an issue. Expansion of wireless on campus will require the installation of more antennas, the infrastructure is in place to accommodate expansion.

The Pole Universitaire has set up a committee to further examine the opportunities for wireless and/or other options that might be of interest to the members of the Pole, the City of Sherbrooke, and all residents.

Orientation Week

Approximately 675 first year students began Orientation Week – Welcome to Fabulous Lennoxvegas is the theme – on Sunday night in Centennial Theatre with a skit by the Bishop’s Drama Department, followed by a motivational presentation by Bishop’s graduate Cameron “Superfan” Hughes ’96.

The University and the SRC have collaborated to ensure that this week is an enjoyable and safe introduction to Bishop’s University. Last year’s Orientation week was widely regarded as a success, and the SRC is striving to make this year’s even better. Events are scheduled for the rest of the week including academic orientation and registration, a casino night, scavenger hunt, movie night, air band competition, dinners and a major concert in the Quad on Friday evening. An emphasis has been placed on holding more events on campus, and ensuring there are ample non-alcohol options available.

To date the week has run quite smoothly. I will admit that I enjoyed spending a few hours late Sunday night/early Monday morning meeting students, handing out bottled water, and making sure they cleaned up the streets. The Town and Gown Committee will meet every morning this week, bringing together University representatives, students, Borough of Lennoxville officials, Champlain College, the police and fire departments. The collaboration among these various stakeholders is truly outstanding as we continue to work to ensure the best possible town and gown relations possible.


Faculty Reception at the Principal's Residence

Thursday, September 14th at 5:00 pm

All Faculty are invited to 5 Harrold Drive to celebrate the start of a new academic year.

Staff Reception at the Principal's Residence

Friday, September 22nd at 3:00 pm

All Staff are invited to 5 Harrold Drive to celebrate the start of a new academic year.

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