May 2006  
I hope you enjoy the spring issue of the Bishop's e-newsletter. As always, I welcome feedback and suggestions for future issues.

Happy reading!

Hans Rouleau
Coordinator of Liaison

News from the Admissions Office
The Admissions Office is busy mailing offers of acceptance. Your letter of acceptance will include...

Your New Home is Waiting!
Apply on-line for residence now and increase your chances of living where you want. Space is limited, so apply now!

Bishop’s recent successes
Students, staff and faculty rank as some of the best in Provincial, National and International competitions…

Success stories

University terminology
The application process can be a daunting task especially when we don't fully understand what is written.

You've been admitted now what?
Now that you've been admitted to Bishop's, keep the following important dates in mind.

Living On-Campus: The Real Deal
Check out why living on campus is the best choice you can make in your first year!

On or off campus?
What are you most nervous about?
 Moving away from home
 Selecting the right courses
 Orientation week
 The course load
 Adjusting to university life
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