THE BISHOP'S EXPERIENCE eNewsletter January 2006

BU Music student reached the national final

The road to Kamloops began in early May 2005 in Sherbrooke when Tomo played at the Festival-Concours, which brings together young musicians from the Eastern Townships. He was one of only two local musicians whom the judges recommended be promoted to the provincial event, which was held in Bandeen Hall at Bishop’s, on May 30. After hearing his performance of selections from the Bach Suite in C major for solo cello and the Saint-Saens Cello Concerto No. 1, the judges recommended that Tomo be invited to play at the national competition.

With transport and accommodation paid by the Confederation of National Music Festivals, and with new piano accompanist Tom Davidson (who teaches at McGill), Tomo made the trip to Kamloops where the national event was held from August 9-15. His playing there brought honour not only to himself but to our Music Department and to Bishop’s University. A final feather in Tomo’s cap came with a performance as soloist in the Saint-Saens Concerto, accompanied by the Sherbrooke Youth Orchestra, in December 2005.

Tomo has always been an exceptional student, both in terms of talent and hard work, and we are thrilled with this major achievement. He won the Douglas Lloyd Memorial Prize for his academic achievement in Philosophy and The Department of Music recently awarded him a prize in the name of Howard Brown who founded the Music Department. Tomo will complete his honours degree in Music as well as a major in Philosophy this year.

Jack Eby, Professor, Department of Music
Text from: Alumni News, winter 2006

Student honoured by Forces Avenir

Jenn Kang was honoured by Forces Avenir, an organization which recognizes, honours and promotes Quebec university students for their initiative and involvement in their community. She was a finalist for the prestigious Personality of the Year (undergraduate) and received a $2,000 scholarship.

Jenn, who is a major in Education and minor in Drama and Psychology has participated in 35 clubs on campus since she came to Bishop’s. She was editor of The Mitre, Bishop’s literary magazine and wrote four short plays. She edited the Bishop’s student handbook and is a member of the women’s rugby team. As president of the Bishop’s University Environmental Committee, she saw the introduction of a composting program and a project for small batteries, cell phones and ink jet cartridges. Her friends call her “Enviro Jenn.”

Text from: Alumni News, winter 2006

Health Psychology

More psychologists today are working in applied settings such as clinics, hospitals and agencies that are concerned with health and wellness issues. The Bishop's Psychology Department therefore now offers the option of taking a new Concentration in Health Psychology (as well as the Human Resources and Neuroscience concentrations). This new program leads to the usual BA in Psychology, but also provides an additional specialisation in the expanding health field. The Major in Psychology with a Concentration in Health Psychology requires the same set of core and area courses as for the regular major in Psychology, but also courses in Health Psychology (2 semesters), the human body, and aging, plus at least two courses to be chosen from: occupational health psychology, nutrition, sports and exercise psychology, neuropsychology of aging, and psychopharmacology.

Honours in Psychology with a Concentration in Health Psychology is also possible. The following four courses area required: Research Methods II, Multivariate Statistics, Dissertation, and Internship in Health Psychology.

For more information contact Dr. Dale Stout, Psychology Chairperson.

Application deadline

Application deadline:

The March 1 deadline is fast approaching! On-line applications are now being accepted via our admissions portal, and hard-copy applications can be forwarded to the Admissions Office.

Admission files will be assessed starting February 1 on a rolling basis as soon as all required documentation is received. Students who apply on-line will be able to track their application status through the admissions portal. For other inquiries please call 1-877-822-8200.

Please note the following programs have additional requirements and deadlines:

Education: Resume and letter of intent deadline: March 1
Fine Arts: Portfolio deadline: May 5
Music: Audition deadline: May 5

Why choose Bishop's

Why students choose Bishop’s?

The undergraduate student first: Bishop's invests the highest percentage (10.24%) of its operating budget to Student Services*.

An intimate learning experience: The average class-size is 23. Faculty know their students by name – at Bishop’s students matter.

Diverse and flexible academic programs: Over 50% of Bishop’s students graduate with more than one concentration. For example: Politics major, Religion minor. Our graduates are well-prepared for graduate and professional studies or the work place, and, most importantly life.

Learning beyond the classroom: Co-operative education, internships, research assistantships, exceptional athletic and recreation programs, excellent cultural opportunities. Interest groups, radio, newspaper, clubs, student run businesses, from day one – students get involved and leave their mark.

A special location: located in the heart of Quebec’s Eastern Townships. The Borough of Lennoxille, a suburb of Sherbrooke (pop. 150,000) offers students a bilingual community with many public services and an excellent transit system. Golf, skiing, proximity to Montreal, Quebec City, and the United States all make Bishop’s an ideal place to come and learn.

* Maclean’s University Ranking 2005

Students' demand fuels new concentration

The Film Studies Concentration is designed for those students who wish to obtain a BA in English with a specialization in the history, theory, and criticism of film. Courses provide the opportunity to view, study and appreciate some of the most important cultural texts of the twentieth century and today. Film courses are normally taught in the new cinema classroom, equipped with 6 speakers, a 12’x8’ screen, and theatre seating (with cup holders for your drinks!).

The courses offered include:

Film Criticism & Theory
Film Adaptation
Film Noir
Crime Pay: The Gangster Genre Film
The Films of Marlon Brando
Science Fiction in Literature and Film

Also available:
Film Studies Minor
Students interested in the Film Studies Minor must take any 8 courses listed in the requirements for the Film Studies Concentration.

For more information about the Film Studies Concentration or Minor contact Dr. Glen Wickens, Director of Film Studies.

A student's experience

I didn't choose Bishop's University for its traveling opportunities or because it had several partner schools all around the world. In fact, I didn't even know Bishop's had an International Office. I came to Bishop's because it was small, beautiful and in the Eastern Townships, one of the loveliest parts of the province of Quebec. It is only when I arrived here and started meeting people that I realized that traveling was very much a part of life at Bishop's.

In my first semester I met a very good friend from Spain, met Canadians who were just coming back, enchanted, from a semester or a year away on exchange and met fellow students who were excitedly (albeit nervously) planning their own trips to foreign countries. Even then, I did not even consider that this would be an option for me, an Honours student in French Studies. It was only until a professor suggested this possibility that I strolled over to see Lilian Rogerson at the International Office and discussed with her the possibilities of going on exchange. What really surprised me was not only the possibilities (there was practically nowhere in the world I couldn't go), but how easy it was!

Once I had decided on a school in the south of France, I was immediately given all the necessary forms to fill out, was directed to resource centers that would give me all the information I needed in obtaining my passport and visa, and was even given forms to apply for financial help, which I duly received and which made my leaving the country a lot less stressful and much more financially secure.

The semester before I left was a bit of a whirlwind, but once I landed in Paris I marveled at how schools made it easy for students to travel: someone met me at the airport and provided me a place to stay for the first night, as well as gave me a tour of the city and helped me get on the train that would take me to Aix-en-Provence; I lived in an international student residence which cost next to nothing and allowed me to meet people from all over the world, and while traveling my student status allowed me to benefit from several discounts. I went from being a student who had barely set foot outside of Canada to visiting seven countries in six months.

I traveled the French Riviera and saw some of the most beautiful sights in the world, was in Rome when the new Pope was elected and witnessed this historic event, and ultimately shed all my fears of traveling alone. I truly believe that I learned more, about life and about myself, in those six months abroad, than I have in all my years in Cegep and university. Despite all this, though, I was happy to return home; being abroad made me miss all the little comforts that we have come to take for granted in Canada. However, I am confident that this was not my last trip, far from it. In my six months in the South of France I have created a network of friends from all over the world and truly hope to see them all again, in their own homes or elsewhere, in my future travels.

written by: Julie Fredette '05

Mark your calendar

At Bishop’s we understand not everyone can visit on weekdays. That’s why Bishop’s University is organizing a Super Saturday, February 18.

You’re invited to visit one of Canada’s premier undergraduate universities. The Open House includes academic information sessions, a campus tour, and a chance to meet representatives from the: Admissions Office, Financial Aid Office, Residence Office, SRC (Students’ Representative Council), and the Athletics Office.

Also, plan to stay and witness first hand Bishop’s school spirit - cheer our men's and women's basketball teams on to victory as they play UQAM. Games start at 6:00pm.

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