THE BISHOP'S EXPERIENCE eNewsletter May 2006

News from the Admissions Office

The Admissions Office is busy mailing offers of acceptance. Your letter of acceptance will include: a message from your division / school, and if applicable, an entrance scholarship offer, and information on how to apply to residences.

Bishop’s will continue to review application files as grades are received. Transfer students waiting to learn about advanced credits will be receiving more information once all required information has been received, and their file has been assessed by the Divisional Dean or School Director.

If you are currently enrolled in a high school, college, CEGEP or university, remember your offer of acceptance is conditional. Your application will be reevaluated upon receipt of your final grades to make certain you meet the program requirement(s), and are eligible for an entrance scholarship. Buckle down and study, your Bishop’s experience depends on it!

Your New Home is Waiting!

Living in residence is part of the essential first-year Bishop’s Experience – you just won’t get as much out of the Bishop’s community if you don’t experience life in residence. Make life-long friends, meet people from different countries, and experience the difference of living in residence.

Bishop’s offers three different styles of living, depending on your preference and where there is room. Traditional-Style residences offer the most social environment with both double and single occupancy rooms and communal bathrooms. The Bog-Style residences are unique in that they are completely single occupancy but differ from other buildings because every group of two rooms shares a bathroom between them. Suite-Style rooms offer a suite shared with three other people with a full kitchen, living room, and two bathrooms. For a more detailed description of each of the different buildings please visit our website.

Rooms in residence are granted based on the date of receipt of application and the $500 deposit. It’s simple! The sooner you apply, the more likely it is you will get a room in the building you want. Applications are now available online.

If you have any questions regarding the application to live in residence, the room placement process, or just general questions relating to residence, feel free to check out our website or give us a call toll free at 1 866 822 9200 x 2685. Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30am – 4:30pm.

Bishop’s recent successes

Business Students Excel
Bishop’s won the 2006 NIBS (Network of International Business Schools Case Competition) held February 20-24, 2006 in Oslo, Norway. The NIBS network consists of 45 institutions. Four BU students and two professors traveled to Oslo to compete. The team had to analyze five companies or industries and prepare recommendations. This was Bishop’s third victory in 11 years.

Political Studies Students Stand Out
The Bishop’s Model UN Team came back from New York City with a “Distinguished Delegation Award.” The award placed Bishop’s among the top 25 universities team (out of 240 world wide) at this year’s competition.

Drama Professor, George Rideout received the Lennoxville Outstanding Achievement Award in Education

Music professor, Dr. Andrew MacDonald’s War Machine Blues was commissioned by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and premiered in their concert for Remembrance Day.

Anouk Boulanger, student on the women’s basketball team, won the Lennoxville Outstanding Achievement Award in Sports. Anouk also represented Canada in the World University Games last summer.

University terminology


An admitted offer is presented to a student who meets the program requirement(s) and has successfully obtained a high school leaving certificate, CEGEP (DEC), or college degree.

Provisionally admitted:

Provisionally admitted offer is presented to a student who has not yet completed their final year and is based on mid-term marks. Upon receipt of final marks the file will be reassessed; if you meet the program requirement(s) outlined in your letter of acceptance, you will be admitted. If not, the Admission Office reserves the right to decline your admission to Bishop’s.

An applicants file which has been deferred is one in which the Admissions Office requires more information. Students are encouraged to submit additional information and forward mid-term marks and final marks when they are available.

Not admitted:
Applicants who at first glance do not meet the program requirement(s). If your academic situation improves or if there are extenuating circumstances forward your final marks and / or reasons to the Admissions Office.

You've been admitted now what?

Now that you’ve been admitted to Bishop’s, keep the following important dates in mind.

To help you plan the next few months Bishop’s would like to remind you of some important dates:

  • Now – August: Bishop’s offers of admissions mailed out
  • June 23: Completed residence application and $500 deposit required for guaranteed residence accommodations
  • June 23: $100 confirmation fee required to confirm your place at Bishop’s (or 30 days after you are admitted if after May 23)
  • Aug. 15: – First semester tuition & student fees are due (information will be mailed mid-June)
  • Aug. 18: Balance of Sept. residence fee due (international students must pay entire remainder of fees upon arrival)
  • Sept. 2: Residences officially open
  • Sept. 5: Registration (information will be mailed in late July)
  • Sept. 6: Classes begin

Living On-Campus: The Real Deal

Staying in residence isn’t just about where you live for eight months, it’s about the experience that will come out of your time on campus. There is nowhere better to meet new people from exciting and different places, be it from another part of Canada or from somewhere halfway across the world. Residence is where you will create the relationships that will last you a lifetime.

Residence is the best place to make the transition to university life. We have a staff of 24 Resident Assistants who are trained to assist students with this transition and in particular help students balance both the academic and social aspects of their new life. On top of all their other duties, RAs also plan fun events for their buildings such as Bowling Nights in Sherbrooke, Open Mic Nights, and even Charity Poker Tournaments. The RAs are available day and night to help make your stay in residence the best it can be.

With the convenience of living on campus, you are never far away from anything you will need. The dining hall is a short walk from each of our residence buildings, meaning meals are always close by, and with your Gaiter Card, eating is as simple as a swipe. There are four different food service locations on campus offering a variety of menus from quick “On-The-Go” snacks for right before class to full All-You-Care-to-Eat meals, all day, every day.

Each residence has Satellite TV offered in the common lounges with a multitude of different channels to choose from, as well as a games room with Billiards, Ping Pong, or Foosball. Laundry facilities are also located in each building. Other services on campus include the John H. Price Sports Centre, the W.B. Scott Arena, the Bassett Memorial Library, Centennial Theatre, St. Mark's Chapel, and Health Services, among others!

Bishop’s prides itself on offering a safe and secure campus, with a 24-hour security team that is in constant contact with the RAs and can deal with any emergencies that will arise over the school year. All of the RAs are first aid trained and can deal with a variety of emergency situations and can make referrals to campus resources should the need arise.

Living off-campus just isn’t the same as living in residence. For a more detailed look at the ups and downs of living on campus versus living off campus, please click here.

If you would like to live in residence, check out the RCS website for more information about the choices, services, and fees. Online applications Online applications are now being accepted for September opening.

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